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  • Coalition Health Center

    Coalition Health Center
    Convenient and Cost-Effective Alternative

    Located on the Alaska Regional Hospital Campus, the clinic offers extended hours and a per-visit cost guaranteed by the Coalition that is below the local average for doctor office visits! Read more.

  • Disease Management

    PPO Contract with Aetna – Quality Care at Competitive Prices

    The contract HCCMCA signed with Aetna in 2013 is estimated to save participating HCCMCA member health plans more than $250 million annually; more than 26% off the billed charges. For member plans west of the Cascades, this represents an average 5% savings over prior PPO networks.   Read more.

  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Benefits Management = Deep Discounts

    Negotiating power helps National CooperativeRx deliver large group, deep discounts and a unique rebate arrangement negotiated on behalf of their 240,000 members through CVS/caremark, an industry PBM leader chosen through competitive bid.   Read more.

  • Dialysis Cost Containment

    NEW Dialysis Cost Containment Program

    The Coalition has an agreement with Renalogic, a firm that saves health plans money by repricing claims submitted for dialysis treatment.   Read more.

  • Healthfair

    Annual Health Fairs Lead to Healthy Habits & Reduced Costs

    Attendance in AK and WA has continued to grow as has participation in all the services – blood, thyroid, prostate and vitamin D testing and flu shots. Individuals save the cost of getting these services in their doctors’ offices, which reduces the amount the health plans have to pay out in claims cost.   Read more.


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Cement Masons & Plasterers Local 528

“When a health plan like the Cement Masons and Plasterers Health and Welfare Plan can partner with a group like HCCMCA, which is far larger, it makes a big difference in your bargaining power” Read more

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