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  • HCCMCA and Aetna contract successful

    PPO Contract with Aetna – Savings Continue!

    During the period January – December, 2017, the Aetna PPO network generated nearly $3.68 million in savings for participating plans.   Read more.

  • renalogic

    Renalogic – Dialysis Cost Containment Delivers!

    Participating plans have achieved almost 4.3 million in savings through the Usual and Reasonable repricing component of the Renalogic Dialysis Cost Containment program during the period January-December, 2017.   Read more.

  • Alaska Healthcare Authority (HCA) Concerns

    Alaska Healthcare Authority (HCA) Feasibility Study Results Raise Concerns

    HCCMCA Executive Director Fred Brown submitted a public comment to the State of Alaska regarding HCCMCA’s concerns over the results of the Alaska Health Care Authority (HCA) feasibility study, procured by the Alaska Medicaid Redesign Bill, SB 74. Read it here.

  • BridgeHealth on YouTube

    BridgeHealth and HCCMCA – Missions Aligned for Low Cost, High Quality Healthcare see YouTube! video

    BridgeHealth has performed 94 surgeries for HCCMCA-participating plans during the first year of the program through HCCMCA (March 2017-February 2018). Participating plans saved approximately $2.5 million net of fees and travel costs.   Read more.


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The Alaska Railroad was especially attracted to the Coalition Health Centers and Annual Fall Health Fairs to help them to continue to offer cost-effective, comprehensive health benefits to their 1,550 members, dependents and retirees. Read more

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