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  • HCCMCA and Aetna contract successful

    PPO Contract with Aetna – Going Strong!

    HCCMCA continues to see growth in the number of member plans who are participating in HCCMCA’s contract with AETNA as well as expansion of the Aetna provider network in Alaska. From January through December, 2016, the AETNA PPO has generated savings of approximately $270 million for these plans.   Read more.

  • Alaska Regional hospital PPO

    Alaska Regional Hospital PPO – A Win For All!

    HCCMCA’s PPO agreement with Alaska Regional Hospital has saved participating HCCMCA member health plans approximately $47 million during the period January through December, 2016.   Read more.

  • Coalition Health Center in Fairbanks

    The Coalition Health Centers in Fairbanks and Anchorage experience increased utilization

    Member health plan participants are increasingly utilizing the CHCs in Anchorage and Fairbanks for their preventive and primary care. Click here for more information. Read more.

  • Healthfair

    Annual Health Fairs Lead to Healthy Habits & Reduced Costs

    Overall attendance in the fall Health Fairs increased by approximately 31%. It’s a win-win when member health plan participants can attend for free and member health plans reduce their claims costs.   Read more.


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When the State of Alaska joined HCCMCA, over 85,000 employees and their dependents immediately benefitted from negotiated lower costs. “The Coalition has done a wonderful job of negotiating the discounts we need, and the HCCMCA’s unique model makes it easy to access those savings quickly.” Read more

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